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Insurers mobilize savings for the transformation of offices into housing

Riding the trend towards responsible investment, insurers will offer life insurance savers to invest in this type of real estate project presented as environmentally friendly.

Riding on the trend in favor of “responsible” investment, insurers will offer individuals to invest in the transformation of offices into housing. On Tuesday, four French insurers thus unveiled their support for the creation of a fund for “recycling” office buildings to be distributed via life insurance.

Managed by the management company specializing in real estate, Novaxia Investissement, this new vehicle, presented as a “Major innovation” should be launched in the spring and make it possible to raise 1 billion euros in order to finance the production of 4,000 housing units in a “responsible” way. The transformation of offices into apartments is presented as a way of limiting the artificialization of land and CO2 emissions compared to new construction projects.