Laurence Parisot will chair the American Citi in France

The former president of Medef takes over the presidency of the American bank in France from October 1. Thursday and Friday, alongside Michael Corbat, the global leader of Citi, she will meet the main clients of the firm in Paris. Visiting Paris until Friday, Michael Corbat, the boss of the American financial giant Citi, will […]

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Banks: the ECB demands “extreme moderation” on bonuses

The European Central Bank calls for limiting variable remuneration in banks until September 30, 2021, while London softens its recommendations. Despite Brexit, it is better to spend the health crisis in the City than on the continent for investment bankers. Before Christmas, the European Central Bank (ECB) again demanded that banks ” moderate in an […]


The Bank of England once again flies to the rescue of the British economy

The Bank of England announced, this Thursday morning, a strengthening of 150 billion pounds of its asset buyback program, to bring it to 895 billion. Analysts expected an increase of “only” 100 billion. The central bank, on the other hand, leaves its key rate unchanged at 0.1%. This is yet another boost from the Bank […]

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Yields will level off for shareholders of European banks

The European Central Bank capped bank dividends but did not remove all the uncertainties for investors. UBS analysts say the sector’s performance may collapse next year. Dividends or no dividends? The big banks and the investors remained at best discreet or skeptical two weeks after the last communication of the European banking policeman. On December […]

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Bank mergers: the ECB publishes its doctrine

The European Central Bank (ECB) has published its guidelines on mergers and acquisitions. It shows itself a priori ready to recognize the amounts of “badwill” that will be presented to it. It remains to be seen whether the banks will take the buck. Well, merge now! The European Central Bank published Tuesday in its final […]