Asset management

“The consolidation of the sector remains a fundamental trend”

Xavier Parain, Deputy Secretary General of the AMF, welcomes the ability of Place de Paris to incubate and approve young management companies. How is asset management doing in France? The French asset management business model is working well. Place de Paris is able to incubate and approve young management companies that are starting out. There […]

Bank – Insurance

Covid: insurers cautious about participatory loans for weakened companies

Designed to help companies bounce back from the crisis, equity loans are presented as attractive investments for insurers in a low interest rate environment. But they remind us that they are first and foremost responsible for the money of the insured. Asked by the State to further support traders weakened by the Covid, insurers are […]


Gender equality: a new criterion for senior executives

In an interview with “Parisien”, the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, indicates her intention to create a new criterion for evaluating companies on gender equality, focusing on the place of women in senior executives. The government will strengthen mechanisms to improve equality between women and men within companies. The Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, indicated […]


Occupational health protocol: what changes and what remains

The Ministry of Labor posted a fourth version of the health protocol for businesses on Friday, which strengthens precautions in areas subject to curfews. The encouragement of teleworking is reinforced and increased vigilance is required of employers on collective catering and “during moments of conviviality”. Exit the green, orange and red areas. The acceleration of […]


The “shutdown” slows down mergers and acquisitions in the United States

The partial or total closure of the main regulators since December 22 is starting to slow down plans for a merger or an IPO. The paralysis of the services of the federal administration in the United States could cause unexpected collateral victims: the investment banks. Since the closure of government agencies for lack of funding […]


Partial unemployment: the government is still changing the rules for more consistency

The companies most affected by the crisis will be fully supported until December 31 in the event of partial or long-term common law activity. The evolutions of the partial activity system are more and more difficult to follow under the heavy fire of regulatory changes, even if, in its defense, the government is partly constrained […]


Coronavirus: event companies want to be able to test spectators

The president of Medef Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux asks that companies be authorized to filter the HIV-positive public. He expects the arrival in two months of rapid saliva tests to replace very heavy health protocols. What if, instead of closing everything because of the coronavirus epidemic, we opened the door a crack, to let the […]