Coronavirus: worrying projections from the Scientific Council

In its alert note dated September 22, but the executive of which withheld publication until Thursday evening, the Scientific Council delivers gloomy projections of contaminations and deaths. But ensures that we can still slow the spread of the coronavirus without extreme measures. What would the grim curves of the coronavirus look like in the absence […]


Coronavirus: “Having less unplanned contact greatly reduces the risk”

In an “alert note” published Thursday evening, the Scientific Council shows worrying scenarios of entry into intensive care and death, built on the latest data from the coronavirus epidemic. It calls for the implementation of reinforced measures as long as it is still possible to avoid re-containment. Bruno Lina, professor of virology at the CHU […]

Budget Taxation

Tax fraud: the Constitutional Council validates the opening of the “lock of Bercy”

The Wise consider that the criteria for the automatic transmission of tax fraud cases to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, created in the fraud law of 2018, do not create a breach of equality before tax. This decision follows an appeal by Afep reflecting the concerns of the business community about the penalization of tax adjustments. […]