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Bank: in the face of the crisis, the authorities are reactivating the moratoria

To avoid a credit crunch, the European Banking Authority (EBA) reactivates its exceptional regime on moratoriums. She had stopped him at the end of September but the second wave of the pandemic and the containment measures forced her to react. Banks will again be able to grant deferred repayments to their customers. Faced with the […]


New venture capital alert

The European Investment Fund calls on managers not to give in to pressure from investors. Otherwise, they risk reliving the bubble of the 2000s. He is a leading investor in European venture capital and calls for caution. Invited to the European venture capital summit which was held in Paris on Friday under the auspices of […]

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Regulators fear another liquidity crisis in Europe

The flight of investors at the start of the crisis put European funds, particularly corporate debt and real estate funds, under pressure. Regulators want to ensure that a new wave of withdrawals does not jeopardize the stability of the financial industry. The wind of panic that shook the financial markets in March had a major […]


Euronext publishes higher results in a tense context

The pan-European operator published quarterly net income up 10.6% for revenues which increased by 12.7%. Stéphane Boujnah, its CEO, spoke about the massive blackout that Euronext experienced on October 19, and the progress of the Borsa Italiana buyout process. A third trimester “Solid” for Euronext. The turnover of the pan-European stock exchange operator increased by […]

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Management: costs in the sights of the market policeman

Feedbacks and integrated networks are in the sights of the European financial market regulator. A huge challenge for the sector, as individuals regularly pay twice as much as institutions in management fees. The distribution of savings products to individuals could experience a small revolution in the years to come. The European Securities and Markets Authority […]

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Banks: the ECB demands “extreme moderation” on bonuses

The European Central Bank calls for limiting variable remuneration in banks until September 30, 2021, while London softens its recommendations. Despite Brexit, it is better to spend the health crisis in the City than on the continent for investment bankers. Before Christmas, the European Central Bank (ECB) again demanded that banks ” moderate in an […]

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Coronavirus: European funds face historic withdrawals

Investors withdrew nearly € 290 billion from European open funds in March, a historic record. The flight of investors combined with the fall in the markets represents a double penalty for the sector. An unprecedented hemorrhage. European open funds accused nearly 290 billion euros of outflow in March, a historic record, according to Morningstar data […]

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Yields will level off for shareholders of European banks

The European Central Bank capped bank dividends but did not remove all the uncertainties for investors. UBS analysts say the sector’s performance may collapse next year. Dividends or no dividends? The big banks and the investors remained at best discreet or skeptical two weeks after the last communication of the European banking policeman. On December […]