EXCLUSIVE – The government’s avenues for retraining employees in the face of the crisis

In response to the twenty proposals of Medef, the Ministry of Labor plans to strengthen two devices – voluntary mobility leave and the loan of labor – and to draw on the billion from the FNE-training fund. The first session scheduled for Tuesday devoted to the sharing of added value having been canceled, it is […]

Budget Taxation

Budget: the difficult hunt for unnecessary government administrative commissions

In the finance bill for 2020, the government ensures that it will cut around 90 public bodies out of the 390 or so that currently exist. This hunt for “useless” instances had been presented by Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe as one of the avenues to finance the tax cut of 5 billion euros for […]


Sickness benefits soon to be extended to the liberal professions

The government tabled an amendment to the Social Security budget to compensate the Liberals for the first three months of work stoppage. If it is voted, a new contribution will be introduced. Nearly a million liberal professionals could soon experience a small revolution. Caregivers, accountants, notaries, pharmacists, bailiffs, insurance agents, veterinarians and other self-employed people […]