GameStop: How Individuals Imitated Financial Pros

The stock market revolt against Wall Street caught the professionals by surprise. The arrival of “low cost” trading platforms like Robinhood and the payment of government aid provided the ideal breeding ground. But individuals have only seized the tools long used by professionals. No one on Wall Street saw the blow coming. Thousands of individual […]

Asset management

American individuals are betting heavily on the resumption of aviation

The JETS listed index fund (ETF), which invests in air transport, is enjoying unprecedented success. While Warren Buffett is withdrawing from the sector, American individuals are speculating on its rebound. A relatively unknown listed index fund (ETF) has become the darling of American individuals in just a few weeks. JETS is a thematic fund invested […]


GameStop: authorities struggle to extinguish fire started by individuals on Wall Street

The euphoria of individuals for the most targeted stocks by hedge funds has caught the Treasury’s attention. Trading platforms are trying to calm things down. The interruption of operations decided by Robinhood has plunged values ​​like GameStop on Thursday. Faced with the crazy rise of certain stocks on Wall Street, in the heart of a […]