Paris Hospitals are mobilizing to maintain their activity outside Covid

The intensive care units are filling up with more serious cases than during the summer. The director general of the AP-HP, Martin Hirsch, asks caregivers to give up their leave and calls on patients not to deprogram their surgeries on their own. It is not yet a disaster, but we are preparing to face it. […]


M&A: SME prices remain at their peak

Despite international trade tensions and political instability in Europe, unlisted acquisition prices remained at their all-time high in the third quarter, at 9.8 times Ebitda, according to the Argos index. Brexit still has no impact on the acquisition price of European SMEs. According to the latest Argos Wintyu index, transfer values ​​in the euro zone […]

Asset management

Pension funds of religious organizations exclude fossil fuels

Forty-two faith-based organizations, which manage pension funds on behalf of their employees, have announced they will exclude fossil fuels from their investment portfolios. They also call on governments to put ecological transition at the heart of economic recovery. “Vade retro carbo”. Without going so far as to brandish their crucifix in a gesture of defiance, […]


M&A: business leaders worried about political risk

More than half of the 2,600 bosses polled by EY around the world say they will not pursue an active acquisition policy because of state intervention. The French are also less optimistic. That’s a high point in four years: more than half of the 2,600 executives around the world polled by EY (54%) will not […]


Private equity: the surge in prices continues

Ten years after the crisis, fund acquisition prices reached a new peak in Europe. Fund managers are getting cautious. The private equity industry is at the top of the cycle. And managers are far from having seen it all, according to Goldman Sachs. ” 2018 is a banner year for the industry. Ten years after […]