“Ségur de la santé”: upgrades for private establishments and home help

The government has announced the release of 150 million euros to revalue home help in 2021. Negotiations on the implementation of wage increases in “Ségur” have been completed or are nearing goal in hospitals and private retirement homes, governed by multiple collective agreements. After three months of uncertainty, the fog is lifting over how some […]

Budget Taxation

Budget 2020: who will benefit most from the income tax cut

The 5 billion income tax cuts in the draft budget for 2020 respond to a finding made during the “yellow vests” crisis: entry into tax is particularly brutal for the middle classes. The gain will be greatest for income between 20,000 and 25,000 euros per year. During the great debate this winter, many tax proposals […]


Paris Hospitals are mobilizing to maintain their activity outside Covid

The intensive care units are filling up with more serious cases than during the summer. The director general of the AP-HP, Martin Hirsch, asks caregivers to give up their leave and calls on patients not to deprogram their surgeries on their own. It is not yet a disaster, but we are preparing to face it. […]


Covid: doctors, pharmacists and nurses encouraged to test patients

Medicare and professional unions are negotiating specific remuneration so that the Liberals can carry out antigen tests in town, and feed the national database. What very strongly amplify the capacities. Quick, reinforcements! Doctors, nurses, liberal pharmacists are solicited by Medicare and the government to participate in the national screening effort for the coronavirus. They have […]


Coronavirus: Paris switches to maximum alert

Matignon announced Sunday evening that new restrictive measures would apply from Tuesday in Paris and its inner suburbs for two weeks. Restaurants will have to implement a reinforced health protocol to remain open, universities to halve their face-to-face staff and companies to favor “teleworking more than ever”. It was just a grace period, just enough […]


Household consumption should support activity in 2020

With the purchasing power gains, household consumption should hold up well. But it will lead to an increase in imports. In a context of the global economic slowdown, foreign trade will weigh on GDP this year. It was the bulwark against the upheavals of the world economy. But with the slowdown in consumption at the […]

Budget Taxation

Budget 2020: the fall in the cost of debt facilitates the reduction in the weight of public spending

The bill related to the interest charge will be reduced by 8 billion euros over two years. The government is, however, struggling to find new sources of sustainable savings and lowers the target of job cuts for civil servants over the five-year term to 10,500. Forgotten, the serious budget of the beginning of the five-year […]

Budget Taxation

The State wants to better remunerate the “informers” of the tax authorities

The Finance Committee of the Assembly will examine at the beginning of November several amendments strengthening the status of tax advisers. Socialist deputy Christine Pires-Beaune will propose removing the ceiling of 1 million euros from their remuneration. The finance bill will once again provide an opportunity to improve its tools for combating fraud. During the […]

Budget Taxation

Budget 2020: the government shows its efforts in favor of ecology

The finance bill provides for an increase of 500 million euros in the credits allocated to the French transport infrastructure financing agency. But the abandonment of the carbon tax reduces the means available for investments in ecological transition. The world summits for the climate, the marches organized in the big metropolises, the repeated episodes of […]


Budget 2021: how hospitals will get rid of a third of their debt

The Social Security budget plan provides for transferring 13 billion in hospital debt to the Social Debt Redemption Fund. The funding program will be spread over a maximum of fifteen years. This time will be the right one. It has been almost a year since the government promised hospitals to take over a third of […]